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 OBD2 readers together with anti- secure

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PostMavzu: OBD2 readers together with anti- secure    Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:14 am

OBD2 readers together with anti- secure

seems like I could become possessing several concerns pomona clips sole method to achieve this has been any OBD2 check instrument together with bi-directional connection regarding receptors together man diagnostics with anti-lock. Needless to say the particular Honda check instrument no longer has sufficient the particular issue. I've a great stay reader, nevertheless it will not carry out anti- secure. And a few readers which do Antiknock usually do not perform the two-way connection point so that you can start elements around the Abdominal muscles water pump Any person received can bus virtually any suggestions about readers earlier or perhaps current that may try this? The particular materials looks somewhat hazy in what a number of the anti- secure readers can do besides program code reads.
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OBD2 readers together with anti- secure

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