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 BCR8PM Triac 8 BCR8PM-12L Volts

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PostMavzu: BCR8PM Triac 8 BCR8PM-12L Volts   Tue Nov 15, 2011 6:47 pm

BCR8PM Triac 8 BCR8PM-12L Volts

A triac is a solid state silicon
AC switch which may be gate
triggered from an off-state to an
on-state for either polarity of
applied voltage.
h Full Molded Isolation Package
h Glass Passivation
h Selected for Inductive Loads
h UL Approved
h AC Switch
h Motor Controls
h Lighting
Ordering Information:
Example: Select the complete
seven, eight or nine digit part
number you desire from the
table - i.e. BCR8PM-12L is a
400 Volt, 8 Ampere Triac.
More other related products and buy at
lm7805 regulator
voltage regulator lm317t
78l05 regulator
voltage regulator 7806

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BCR8PM Triac 8 BCR8PM-12L Volts

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