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 Terra forming of a planet

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Terra forming of a planet  Empty
PostSubject: Terra forming of a planet    Terra forming of a planet  EmptySat Nov 05, 2011 10:19 am

Terra forming of a planet

Terra forming (literally, of a planet, moon, or other body is the hypothetical pc817a process of deliberately modifying its atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to those of Earth, in order to make it habitable by terrestrial organisms. The term is sometimes used more generally as a synonym for planetary pc817c engineering, although some consider this more general usage an error. The concept of terra forming developed from both science fiction and actual science. The term was coined by Jack Williamson in a science-fiction story published during 1942 in Astounding Science Fiction,but the pc888 concept may pre-date this work. Based on experiences with Earth, the environment of a planet can be altered deliberately: however the feasibility of creating an unconstrained planetary biosphere that mimics Earth on another planet has yet to be verified. Mars is considered by many to be the most likely candidate pc929 for terra forming. Much study has been done concerning the possibility of heating the planet and altering its atmosphere, and NASA has even hosted debates on the subject. Several potential methods of altering the climate of Mars may fall within humanity's technological capabilities, but at present the economic resources required to do so are far pca9554 beyond that which any government or society is willing to allocate to the purpose. The long time scales and practicality of terra forming are the subject of debate. Other unanswered questions relate to the ethics, logistics, economics, politics, and methodology of altering the environment of an extraterrestrial world.
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Terra forming of a planet
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