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 Enable continual improvement

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PostMavzu: Enable continual improvement    Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:11 am

Enable continual improvement

the transformation of cities to sustainability through continual improvement. ap3500 While in some areas gains will be incremental, there are also opportunities to make substantial improvements ap431 through innovative strategies, programmers and technologies. To manage the continual improvement cycle, it is necessary to use relevant indicators, apc2010 set targets based on benchmarks and monitor progress against milestones to achieving these targets. This facilitates progress and accountability and ensures effective implementation. apm4546 Transparency and openness to scrutiny are part of good governance. The vision promoted by the Melbourne Principles is to create environmentally healthy, vibrant and sustainable cities where people apw7120 respect one another and nature, to the benefit of all. The principles provide a key to unlocking a sound approach to transforming cities towards sustainability. They provide.
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Enable continual improvement

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