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 Meet Casey's man on the bag

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PostMavzu: Meet Casey's man on the bag   Sat Aug 13, 2011 3:43 pm

Great double acts work best as a team. Stan had Ollie, Sonny had Cher and golfers have their caddies. And England’s Paul Casey has Ping G10 Irons Scotland’s Craig Donnelly.

While Casey hits the shots and earns the cash, he couldn’t do it without 10-handicapper Donnelly doing his maths around the course.

“I arrived last Sunday and walked the course on Monday morning so that when Paul arrives I already know the course,” Donnelly told me. “For regular Ping G15 tournaments we tend to arrive on Monday and start practice on Tuesday.

But you need that extra day for the majors, especially at a course like Torrey Pines, where I haven’t been before and Paul hasn’t played for Ping G15 Hybrid several years.”

Donnelly said he tries to prepare the same way for every Golf Clubs for Sale tournament but everyone knows the majors are bigger.
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Meet Casey's man on the bag

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