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 July date for drug-testing

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PostMavzu: July date for drug-testing    Sat Aug 13, 2011 3:34 pm

Having already announced it will introduce Ping K15 Driver random drug testing after July 1, the European Tour is expected to launch full-scale testing at the European Open, to be staged at The London Club near Brands Hatch, Kent from July 3-6.

Tour operations director David Garland, who is responsible for Ping K15 Irons implementing the tests, commented: "Because it is supposed to be random and the players are not supposed to know [when they are required to provide a sample], it could be any time after July 1."

Several anti-doping seminars had been held during tournaments on the European and PGA tours since the end of 2007, with between 20 and 30 players Ping K15 Fairway Wood attending each time and already many have contacted the Tour doctor over medical supplements and medications, such as treatments for allergies, which may come under banned substances.

At least two more seminars Golf Clubs for Sale are scheduled at the St. Omer and French Opens.
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July date for drug-testing

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