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 Callaway FT-iZ Driver

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PostMavzu: Callaway FT-iZ Driver    Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:22 pm

Callaway Golf says that in its never-ending mission to find more distance and accuracy for golfers, its engineers used an entirely new design to produce the Callaway FT-iZ Driver which it revealed at the PGA Merchandise Show last week.

With the new Callaway FT-iZ Driver, Callaway engineers came up with an entirely new design that produces a driver that's longer and straighter than anything we've ever made. Utilizing the latest technology, the ft iz driver incorporates polar weighting for faster ball speeds and a straighter line, a precision controlled hyperbolic face cup for consistently higher ball speeds, and a fusion construction that uses exceptionally light yet strong materials for Golf Clubs for Sale optimal performance.

callaway ft-iz provides stability, consistency, incredible feel and increased speed (linear acceleration). Callaway did all this by utilizing a heavy face and heavy in-line power source in the rear of the club to localize weight at the front and back of the driver. All at 20110617
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Callaway FT-iZ Driver

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