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 Vitiligo will not go away without treatment?

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Vitiligo will not go away without treatment?  Empty
PostSubject: Vitiligo will not go away without treatment?    Vitiligo will not go away without treatment?  EmptyMon Aug 09, 2010 1:02 pm

Vitiligo will not go away without treatment?

Some vitiligo patients treated with disease will not that long after the white spot will go

away, this hospital in Chongqing Dibang vitiligo experts made it clear that this possibility

is almost non-existent, if the patients are not

promptly treated after illness, It will not make more than the consequences of white spot go

away, but continue to increase the condition of patients with vitiligo, white patches

increase in the number, scope, and even

later may lead to many complications, endangering the health of patients, so experts suggest

that patients with vitiligo disease after treatment must be timely.
Treatment of vitiligo in the early stages is the best time, because then the melanin in the

skin of patients with vitiligo is not completely drop out more, after appropriate treatment,

the patient can recover more; but in the later stages of vitiligo, the melanocytes in

patients with white skin will completely drop out, there will be some difficulty treating

them, patients need to spend more money and effort. Of course, is not no cure, "the United

States VIT melanocytes Seamless regeneration" to completely drop out of the treatment of

melanoma patients with vitiligo is very effective, it is mainly used VIT immune therapy of

autologous cells from the patients in the

rapid separation and accurate high quality, active black cell, isolated melanoma cells in

the same time, give into the super cell immunity, and then precision planted in the skin

lesions of patients with vitiligo Department, to ensure the melanoma

cells to survive within the control

of regeneration, the formation of pigment Island and gradually expand to spot disappeared,

vitiligo be cured.
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Vitiligo will not go away without treatment?
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